Medical Massage Therapy

What is Medical Massage Therapy: The Complete Guide

Welcome to our complete guide on medical massage therapy! In this blog, we will explore, the various medical massage techniques, delve into the wide-ranging benefits, and provide essential tips, on how to select the ideal medical massage therapist for your needs. So, let’s dive, right in!

Medical Massage Techniques:

Medical massage therapy, incorporates a range of specialized techniques,  that target specific issues, and conditions. These techniques are more than just your average, relaxation massage; they aim to address, particular health concerns,  and promote overall well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Our first technique is deep tissue massage, which focuses,  on reaching the underlying muscle layers to relieve chronic tension and pain. It involves slow, deliberate strokes,  that penetrate deeply, into the affected tissues. This technique is particularly beneficial, for individuals with chronic pain, postural problems, and muscle injuries.

Example: Imagine, you’ve been dealing with persistent lower back pain, due to long hours, of sitting at your desk. A skilled medical massage therapist, using deep tissue massage, could effectively, target the root cause of your pain, and help alleviate discomfort, enhancing your daily life.

Trigger Point Therapy:

Trigger points are tight knots within muscle fibers that can cause referred pain in other parts of the body. Trigger point therapy involves applying pressure to these specific points to release tension and alleviate pain.

Example: Let’s say, you run a lot, and, you’ve been experiencing continuous knee pain, that just won’t go away. Our medical massage therapist, using trigger point therapy, would locate and treat the trigger points responsible for the discomfort, potentially improving your running performance and overall comfort.

Myofascial Release:

Myofascial tissues surround and support muscles throughout the body. Myofascial release is a technique that targets these connective tissues to release restrictions and improve mobility.

Example: If you’re experiencing limited range of motion due to tightness in your shoulders, our medical massage therapist can use myofascial release to gently stretch and release the fascia, allowing for increased shoulder movement and reducing discomfort.

Neuromuscular Therapy:

Neuromuscular therapy, focuses, on identifying, and addressing imbalances, between the nervous system, and muscles. This technique is particularly effective for those suffering from nerve compression or chronic muscular pain.

Example: Suppose, you have been experiencing tingling sensations in your arm,  due to a pinched nerve in your neck. A medical massage therapist will use neuromuscular therapy, to alleviate the pressure on the nerve, providing relief, from the tingling sensation.

Massage Benefits:

The benefits,  of medical massage, extend far beyond, mere relaxation. While reducing stress, and promoting relaxation are definite perks, medical massage therapy,  offers a myriad of advantages, that cater to your specific health concerns.

Pain Management:

Chronic pain sufferers can find immense relief, through medical massage. The targeted techniques can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and release endorphins, which, act as natural pain relievers.

Example: Suppose, you’re an individual, dealing with arthritis, causing joint pain, and stiffness. Our medical massage therapy can help manage your pain,  by enhancing joint mobility and decreasing inflammation, allowing you to move with greater ease.

Stress Reduction:

Stress is a common, modern-day ailment, and medical-massage provides an excellent solution. By calming the nervous system, and promoting relaxation, medical massage can alleviate stress,  and anxiety, fostering an improved sense of well-being.

Example: Picture yourself, going through a demanding,  work week with tight deadlines and mounting stress. A medical massage therapist can work their magic, relieving stress-induced muscle tension, and leaving you, feeling refreshed, and rejuvenated to face, the challenges ahead.

Improved Sleep:

Many individuals struggle with sleep-related issues, such as insomnia, or disrupted sleep patterns. Medical massage, can promote relaxation, and relieve tension, leading to better sleep quality.

Example: If you’ve been finding it difficult, to unwind,  and fall asleep at night, medical massage therapy, can help you relax, and ease the stress accumulated throughout the day, potentially leading to more restful nights.

How to Choose a Medical Massage Therapist:

Here, are some crucial factors,  to consider, during your search:

Qualifications and Certifications:

A qualified medical massage therapist should have the necessary certifications and training. Look for therapists who have completed relevant courses and hold recognized certifications.

Example: At our clinic, all our medical massage therapists are licensed and certified professionals with extensive training in various massage techniques. You can trust that you are in skilled hands.

Experience and Specializations:

Consider the therapist’s experience and any specialized areas of expertise they may have. Some therapists might focus on sports injuries, while others excel in prenatal massage.

Example: If you’re an athlete, dealing with sports-related injuries, you can rely,  on an experienced therapist, who has successfully treated, numerous athletes, getting them back on track to peak performance.

Client Reviews and Testimonials:

Take the time, to read client reviews, and testimonials about the therapist, or clinic you’re considering. These can give you valuable insights,  into the therapist’s skills, and the quality of their services.

Example: A clinic that is sure to have received numerous positive reviews from satisfied clients, attesting to the effectiveness of medical massage therapy and the professionalism of their therapists, must be the one to be selected.

Communication and Comfort Level:

A good medical massage therapist should prioritize open communication and make you feel comfortable throughout the treatment process.

Example: When you visit a clinic, the friendly, and attentive therapists, present there, will listen to your concerns, answer any questions you have, and ensure, that you feel at ease during your session.


Incorporating these wide techniques, to deliver a plethora of benefits, medical massage therapy, proves to be a holistic approach to addressing specific health issues, and enhancing overall well-being. By choosing, a qualified, and experienced medical massage therapist, who meets your individual needs, you can unlock the full potential, of this therapeutic practice. It is important you find the best therapist for you who understands properly what is needed to be done in your body and heals you better than ever before. Remember, we are here, to guide you on your journey to improved health and wellness through medical massage therapy!

jones onigbinde
Fisioterapeuta/Doctor en Fisioterapia

Jones se graduó de la Universidad Obafemi Awolowo Ile-Ife en Nigeria con una Licenciatura en Rehabilitación Médica en Fisioterapia, completó su doctorado post profesional en Fisioterapia de la Universidad de Montana, Estados Unidos. Ha estado practicando fisioterapia desde que se graduó en 1998 en diversos entornos clínicos. Sus años de experiencia incluyen trabajar en cuidados intensivos, salas posquirúrgicas y unidades de cuidados intensivos. Antes de mudarse a Canadá en 2005, Jones trabajó en Nigeria y la República de Seychelles. Jones actualmente tiene licencias para ejercer con el Colegio de Fisioterapeutas de Alberta y el Consejo de Profesiones de la Salud y el Cuidado del Reino Unido. Las áreas de certificación de la subespecialidad de Jones incluyen terapia manual, manejo de TMJ/TMD, kinesiotaping y rehabilitación vestibular. También tiene una certificación en medicina del estilo de vida, lo que le permite brindar una intervención de estilo de vida basada en la evidencia en el manejo de problemas de salud crónicos como la diabetes, la hipertensión y la pérdida de peso enfocada en la salud. Jones es miembro actual de la Asociación Canadiense de Fisioterapia, Digital Health Canada y Kinesiotaping International. Durante su tiempo libre, a Jones le encanta pasar tiempo con su familia, jugar fútbol con su hija y sus dos hijos y explorar las hermosas Montañas Rocosas situadas en la hermosa provincia de Alberta.

Elsi Morales Gutierrez, RMT
Terapeuta de masaje registrado

Elsi graduated with an advanced clinical Massage Therapy Diploma from Makami College. She is a Registered Massage Therapist with 3000 hours. Over time, Elsi has developed her unique massage therapy skills that has helped many patients and clients in pain amelioration and functional restoration following an injury or accident. Elsi is an outgoing person and deeply passionate about helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. She performs deep tissue massage, cupping, and hot stone massage as parts of her therapy sessions. She is a member in good standing with the Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association. Elsi enjoys spending time with her family during her leisure time.

Joel Rodríguez RTA, OTA
Asistente de Terapeuta de Rehabilitación Coordinador de Alcance Comunitario (COC)

Joel se graduó de la universidad CDI con un Diploma en el programa de Asistencia en Terapia de Rehabilitación. Desde su graduación, ha trabajado en clínicas privadas de rehabilitación con diversos pacientes y clientes. Su interés particular en el programa de ejercicios de rehabilitación le ha permitido tener un impacto significativo en la recuperación de sus pacientes. Joel es trabajador y cercano. Sus raíces españolas le han permitido ayudar a coordinar las necesidades de atención médica dentro de la comunidad española en Calgary. Su programa RTA cumplió con los estándares de acreditación establecidos por Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada. Vive en Calgary con su joven familia.

Tania Espinosa
Administrador de la clínica

Tanya se graduó con honores de la Escuela de Negocios CompuCollege en Burnaby, BC con un Diploma de Asistente de Oficina Médica. Su experiencia incluye trabajar en el Departamento de Medicina de la Universidad de Columbia Británica en diversos entornos administrativos académicos y clínicos especializados. Mientras estuvo en UBC, trabajó como secretaria individual o como parte de un equipo de administradores de oficina. Antes de su carrera en UBC, Tanya trabajó en una variedad de consultorios de rehabilitación física multidisciplinarios que van desde fisioterapia y masajes hasta quiropráctica y medicina deportiva.